Summit Dental Technologies is committed to providing a wide range of dental products using the latest technology and equipment. We are happy to offer consultations via phone, at your office, or in our lab to answer any questions you may have regarding our products or processes. Complete satisfaction with our products is our goal. You can find a list of the most common products we produce, but we can create more products than what are featured here. Please contact us if you don’t see what you need here, or for estimated completion time and pricing on our products.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

More Of Our Porcelain Products

Porcelain to base alloy

Porcelain to noble alloy

Porcelain to high noble alloy

Maryland Bridge Pontic

Maryland Bridge Wing

Porcelain margin

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Full Cast Restorations

More Of Our Full Cast Restoration Products

Base Alloy



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Specialty Restorations

More Of Our Specialty Restoration Products

E-MAX YZ ceramic crown

E-MAX LT/HT ceramic crown

Full contour Zirconia/HT crown

Full contour Zirconia crown

Digital impression Zirconia crown

Porcelain laminates

Diagnostic wax-up per unit

Custom shade

Composite temporary crown

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More Of Our Sinfony/Metal Products

Fibrekor framework/unit
Maryland bridge


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More Of Our Removable Products

Bite splint/night guard

Bleaching tray

Surgical guide

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More Of Our Implant Restorations / Attachments

Call for Consultation!

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Summit Dental Technologies wants to complete every case with complete satisfaction. In order to do so, we offer consultation on products and shades. Our in-house lab technicians are ready to take your call or meet with you to discuss your exact needs. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns a dentist or patient may have regarding any of the products we produce. We are happy to visit a dentist at their office for convenience. Our on-staff experts will arrive with sample products and shading tools to help get a better idea of the final products produced. We can discuss options and the best products for dentist and patient satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff is also only a quick phone call away.

If you don’t feel an in-person visit is necessary, feel free to call us during regular business hours to discuss cases. We welcome dentists and patients to our facility as well. If you’ve got the time and would like to stop by for a case discussion, we’d be happy to meet with you. We do offer custom shading for patients who come to our lab for an additional fee. Our experts are here to help in the capacity that is most convenient for you.

Summit Dental Technologies provides a courtesy delivery service to dental offices within a reasonable radius. We currently have three delivery drivers on staff who cover the Greater St. Louis Metro area. Our drivers will pick up impressions from your office and deliver completed products back to you. This convenient option is great for busy dental offices who don’t have a digital impressions option or don’t want the hassle of mailing cases. We offer multiple ways to send us cases to make is as easy for you as possible.

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