At Summit Dental Technologies , we pride ourselves on having the newest, state-of-the-art technology in our facility. We stay up to date on the latest technology and processes to help improve our functionality. This innovative technology allows us to complete cases quicker and with more accuracy. Our goal is to improve each step of the process for every case we receive.

Digital Impressions: Summit Dental Technologies is capable of receiving digital impressions for patient cases. Dentists who have a chair-side scanner, can scan their patient’s mouth to get a digital impression. This digital impression along with the case details and needs are sent to our lab via email at In most digital impression cases we receive, the need for a physical model to be made isn’t necessary. We simply send the digital impression files from the dentist to our 3Shape Dental System® software platform which turns the flat images into virtual 3D images. The virtual images then become a design for the product that is needed. The virtual images are digitally sent to our milling machine which produces the completed product. This digital and virtual process means we can complete the case and get the products back to the dental office sooner.

Milling Machine: Summit Dental Technologies uses the most innovative milling machine technology. Our milling machine, equipped with a robotic arm, can handle up to six pucks at once. Being capable of handling multiple pucks of differing shades means this milling machine eliminates manually changing the puck for different cases as frequently. The robotic arm changes the pucks needed for each case, and the machine can work on its own. This machine creates more accurate products and completes cases more rapidly. Because this machine can work independently, we can set it up to complete cases after hours, so they are ready for our finishing touches when we arrive each morning. The speed and accuracy of the products produced by this milling machine is truly astonishing.